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Bob, W0YVA, has a large group of equipment for sale, some restored, some in original condition. 

Prices are listed for some equipment, otherwise please make offer!  Shipping is possible, but buyer should assume pickup only in Great Falls, Virginia.

Contact (you'll need to type Bob's address into your mailer from the image below):


to discuss purchasing any of this equipment!

1.  SBT-1K Amplifier System in Cabinet

This amplifier includes an SBE-3 exciter (no p/s or cables) and a complete PAL-1K 1KW power amplifier, as well as the PS-5 HV supply shown below. 

The units have been restored and are in excellent conditions.  Cables for the PAL-1K are included.

Asking $2,000.  Pickup only in Great Falls, Virginia.

sbt-1ka_1.jpg (52266 bytes) sbt-1ka_2.jpg (48168 bytes) sbt-1ka_3.jpg (30391 bytes)
Top of rack, showing (top-bottom) SBE-3, PAL-1K amp (RFD-1A), and LV power supply (PS-4) Detail of equipment tag on SBE-3. RFD-1A tag detail
sbt-1ka_4.jpg (35438 bytes) sbt-1ka_5.jpg (46555 bytes) sbt-1ka_6.jpg (44360 bytes)
PS-4 tag detail. Rack tags. Lower portion of rack + PS-5 HV power supply sitting to the side.
sbt-1ka_7.jpg (57563 bytes)    
Rear view of rack, showing cables.    

2.  IM-166 SWR Indicator


This item is a complete IM-166/URT, the military designation for TMC SWR-1K SWR bridge and indicator.  The unit is in great cosmetic condition.

Asking $325, but make offer if interested!

im-166_1.jpeg (36100 bytes) im-166_2.jpg (50090 bytes)
Front panel Rear view of unit, showing SWR bridge and interconnecting cables.


3.  PS-5 (HV Supply for PAL-1K) 

PS-5, the high-voltage supply for the PAL-1K, S/N 24270.  This supply has been restored and is fully operational.

Asking $1,100, or make offer.  Pickup only, of course.. :)

ps5_1_1.jpg (97925 bytes) ps5_1_2.jpg (101445 bytes) ps5_1_3.jpg (102737 bytes) ps5_1_4.jpg (162281 bytes)


4.  PS-5 (HV Supply for PAL-1K)

PS-5, the high-voltage supply for the PAL-1K, S/N 26038.  This supply has been restored and converted to solid state.  It is fully operational.

Asking $1,000, or make offer!  Pickup only, of course.. :)

ps5_2_1.jpg (32976 bytes) ps5_2_2.jpg (32094 bytes) ps5_2_3.jpg (43534 bytes) ps5_2_4.jpg (37928 bytes)


5.  PS-4 (LV Supply for PAL-1K

PS-4, the LV supply for the PAL-1K, S/N 24694.  It  is in good condition, with a few exceptions: two fuseholders broken, fuseholder caps missing, otherwise complete. I suspect it works and you’re welcome to return it if dissatisfied.

Asking $300 or offer.


ps4_1.jpeg (64043 bytes) ps4_2.jpeg (93174 bytes) ps4_3.jpeg (120568 bytes)


6. PSP-350C for PAL-350C Linear Amplifier

PSP-350C Power Supply. Very clean, all covers, and complete. Only problem I know of is the small control relay has an open coil. This is an easy replacement. The bias, LV and HV supplies operate properly. 

$250 or offer.


pal350_5.jpg (40324 bytes) pal350_6.jpg (54576 bytes) pal350_7.jpg (30433 bytes)


7.  RFD Amplifier only (from PAL-1K)

PAL-1K amplifier. This is for parts and/or repair. It is missing the main tuning knobs and the two variable capacitors; otherwise complete. Interconnect cable is intact. 

$250 or offer.

pal1k_24694_1.jpg (118696 bytes) pal1k_24694_2.jpg (161514 bytes) pal1k_24694_3.jpg (96147 bytes)

8.  PAL-1K (RFD, S/N 17584, Amp Only) 

PAL-1K Amplifier. Complete but untested. Cable assembly intact.

 $400 or offer.

pal1k_17584_1.jpg (174709 bytes) pal1k_17584_2.jpg (244164 bytes) pal1k_17584_3.jpg (207216 bytes)

9.  PMO-5 (S/N 784)

PMO-5 for parts/repair. $150 or offer. As-is.

pmo_784_1.jpg (122352 bytes) pmo_784_2.jpg (192503 bytes) pmo_784_3.jpg (130868 bytes)

10.  PAL-350A Amplifier Only (S/N 9327)

PAL-350A amplifier. Exciter parts missing otherwise complete and very clean. 

$200 or offer.

pal350_9327_1.jpg (84484 bytes)

11.  PAL-350A Amplifier only

PAL-350A Amplifier. Complete and very clean. Not tested but returnable if you’re not satisfied with what you get. 

$300 or offer. Included is the rare power supply interconnect cable and an original manual

pal350_1.jpg (33352 bytes) pal350_2.jpg (67143 bytes) pal350_3.jpg (38289 bytes)
pal350_4.jpg (38148 bytes) pal350-4.jpg (52064 bytes)  


12.  Other Equipment for Sale

Check this page in coming weeks for more descriptions and photos, but here's a preliminary list of equipment for sale:\

PS-4, #31310, restored
RFD-1B, #31310
PS-4, #26038 meter missing
PS-4, #277

Exciter PS no tags

URA-28 (SBE), 124
URA-23 (SBE), 354
URA-28, #1
URA-28, #88
SBE-3, #387
VOX-5, #31240
VOX-5, no tag
RFD-1, #3134, parts
RFC-1, #739, parts missing
PS-4, #36374, restorable
O-330 oscillator, #5
O-330 oscillator, #135